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01. Is there a cost associated with the tutoring services provided by Tutoring Kidz?

No, the tutoring services offered by Tutoring Kidz are completely free. We are a nonprofit organization committed to providing accessible education for all children, regardless of their financial background. Our aim is to make quality tutoring support available to as many students as possible.

02. How are the tutoring sessions structured?

Our tutoring sessions are tailored to meet your child's specific needs. After an initial assessment, we match them with a volunteer tutor who specializes in the subject area requiring assistance. Sessions are typically small group sessions, allowing for personalized attention and focused learning.

03. Do you have to join at the beginning of the course to be caught up?

No, the courses are designed in a way that you can join at any time and you will still be caught up. However, people who join earlier than you, will most likely finish the course before you do. TutoringKidz is encouraging of challenging students, so tutors can determine if students should be moved to next level without the need to finish the full content of a specific course.

04. How qualified are the volunteer tutors at Tutoring Kidz?

Our volunteer tutors at Tutoring Kidz undergo a rigorous selection process. They are high school students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements and a passion for teaching. We ensure they possess the necessary subject knowledge and communication skills to effectively assist your child.

05. How can I track my child's progress?

We believe in maintaining open communication with parents. Our volunteer tutors provide regular progress updates, highlighting areas of improvement and areas that may require further attention. Additionally, we encourage parents to reach out to the tutors directly if they have any concerns or questions regarding their child's progress.

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